Software Engineer – Are you sure?

This is my first blog to share my thoughts and thought process with the talented Engineers and IT professionals out there.

I was around 10 years old. Though I still recollect those words through the misty memories of my old-school, “Okay.. so you did not learn the definition of a computer.. But at least tell me something about it!”. And then a voice breaks up the silence from a long pause to say, “Teacher… May I…”.  Oh hell, not again Mr. Dictionary.

I was given examples of how Mr. Dictionary always used to do his homework in time and almost mugged up the complete dictionary (may be with page number) to impress my teacher and other audience like that of me.

I realized, there was something more to Demand (Questions) and Supply (Accurate Answers) in an ever-changing world.  What if I do not learn the definition by heart but I understand what is it and how can we make efficient use of that entity to suit our needs. It is quite possible I can still impress the intended audience.

I see a similar structure of neurons interactions in need to understand the ever-changing technology stack. Most of the times the technologies are quite related to one another under the different names in fact under different roofs (Vendors) altogether.

I will next be talking about a breed of homo-sapient-sapient which are not software programmers or developers but Software Engineers. I do not intend to brush the wrong way but for me Software Engineer is not the one who has a degree of B-Tech or BE from a reputed college. One has to justify it to himself deep down his heart is he is really an engineer? Or is he busy following a tech guru in his company or otherwise  and doing the boiler-plate-coding to gain momentum in his career.

While I learned about Spring API, I often asked my self, why didn’t this idea came to me first. And then one day I got the answer… I had just been too much of a programmer and not an engineer and had hardly been asking my neuron team to work on weekends :) . To sharpen your skill, you need time and this 4th dimension is just too costly to spend.

So just to tie things together, my Teacher was absolutely right when she said “At least tell me something about it…”, giving me an opportunity to frame a definition m self from my own understanding .

One has to cope up with the ever changing technologies and environment around you and for that you just cannot be a programmer (from my context, Mr. Dictionary) you have to be an engineer and soon you would realize that you have started putting the pieces together in the back of your mind for any new technological advancements in the world.  So lets just not cram up a technology to complete a task in hand but learn it for you want to define it your own way to the lay man. Trust me, may even be able to – “tell something about it”.


One response to “Software Engineer – Are you sure?”

  1. Pankaj Shah says :

    Crammer and talented are two different entities, needed at the same time. You would always need a dictionary how good is your vocabulary. Both go hand in hand and each follow each other step. Both are successful in their own ways. But yes in software industry you need a machine called computer (talent) and not typewriters (crammer), which can be referred back (with a blink) at the time of need.
    `Hey you(crammer) what comes after …I forgot it’.
    Once a crammer tells spells out you can get going with your job. Isn’t it.
    Believe me I dont fall in any of the two categories.

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