Lets Epitomize Happiness

Since age’s people have iterated that “The route to happiness is from within us”.  However, I always used to ponder on these lines – if they are really true or just some good reading material to kill your boredom.

After so many years it feels like someone somewhere was very true about all this and it is only us who can find, explore, create, induce and utilize happiness to assist our ultimate goal – to live life the way we want.

Many of the times happiness approaches us from the materialistic things outside of our spiritual boundaries and the physical boundaries as well. A raised heartbeat and a smile on your face is unstoppable. It could be anything from reaching your home and seeing a gift box in front of you or may be just having the perfect first sip of your bed tea in the morning. But these things have to be re-entrant in your day to day life to keep happiness on strong hold in your mind and soul. Some of us do practice that and its really a need to find happiness from these small things.

Though “Being Happy” has many more faces and you do recognize them, strive for them and sometime become habitual of those by using techniques and artifacts that tend to induce or increase your Happiness concentration in your soul. These concentrating drops are popular in the corporate world and at times could be dangerous if not understood well enough. You pick it the way you want but it’s worth mentioning here to de-mystify concepts of happiness. It usually starts with the word “I” and it is more commonly known as the ego. Although I feel, it is not the ego factor that makes a person unworthy but how that person makes use of it to attain his personal goals. If there is no “I” then probably there will be no existence et al. But yes, concentration matters. If the “I” in your soul is more than its moderator – responsibility, you tend to become a complete repelling. This face of happiness is visible whenever you are in control, are in the focus of attention, you are admired and even sometimes when you feel you are superior to others. And so, the face is “My ego is affirmed”. So I always mind my steps near the edges. Trust me, it’s important.

There are other faces of Happiness as well which are more inclined towards the desire and seeking cure and freedom of our tangled mind. We often like to get free of our ever working brain and give a sound sleep and peace to our cerebrum. We make sacrifices, forgiving people of their deeds and desire truth and affection from all. We know, our Happiness is cannot be segregated from the happiness of others and so we give time, energy and work towards others welfare. It looks to me that our mind is already trained to know the fact that the common good is the integral part of happiness within us; people may opine differently here, though I feel helping out is always futile.

Another face that I feel is worth to mention here is not being satisfied and “the want for more” –  the more you get the more you want, that too in perfect and unlimited form which controls your Happiness concentration. We are always pulled by “want more” aspect – this I feel is something beyond the ground of imaginations and human capabilities to understand. No matter what it is – truth, beauty, knowledge, love, money or power – We want it more. It brings happiness miles closer to us. For some, this is the desire to connect to God itself and for some “wanting more” is the pre-requisite texture of mind to explore the horizons with curiosity, creativity and progress of the human species.

Happiness is the key to LIFE – find it, create it, explore it, use it to attain your physical and spiritual up gradation and do keep others in sync.

Practice “Happiness” today and assure a good morning for tomorrow.


3 responses to “Lets Epitomize Happiness”

  1. Arti sah says :

    Good one I agree with you. Its our attitute that makes us feel happy or unhappy.I just want to add few tips to be happy in life.
    1.Surround yourslf with happy people and avoid company of negative people.
    2.Always think of solution not problem.
    3.Laugh, Watch funny movies, read funny books etc.
    4.Read inspiring book or article.
    5.Take a break from your normal routine life style.
    6.Last but not least is that you deserve happiness.

  2. Pankaj Shah says :

    What would you prefer first Mr blogger: materialist things or a search for happiness?
    I wonder, if happiness was so easy to come by for anyone, lest you become a hermit.
    Its true that attitude determines ones `ability to become happy’. Unfortunately, a donkey too appears to be happy while his back is loaded with tonnes of bricks. Is that you call happiness?
    I feel happiness is cannot be searched. It just surfaces automatically.
    You can’t search for happiness while falling from a roof. You need to find something that you can hold on to. And here you are…happy.

    • dheerajsah says :

      At first, thanks for your reading through and posting your thoughts on this.
      Well, to answer you question – Yes, I think materialistic things do comprise a lot of value in making the world happy. If the Donkey is satisfied with what he is doing, what should stop him from being happy. You made a real good point here, Happiness I agree surfaces automatically, however, then you are calling it an outcome of a certain activity which you “planned specifically” to make happiness come to surface. Therefore in that way, we can plan many other thing to be happy. And that is where I think materialistic things come into picture. Though I completely agree that you need something to hold too. But again, then we are talking about continued happiness which I think doesn’t exist in this world.
      Why wouldn’t a person plan to be a robber and make a lot of money Or say why doesn’t someone just drives his car faster rather jumps off the roof to feel the thrill. This is probably because, he has planned it. I believe, Happiness (which may be different to individuals) is not serendipity – though it may appear, it has be planned, and organised – And you can only plan something well when you learn to be happy in all circumstances and control your senses.

      I would recommend everyone to see this movie, if not yet – The Pursuit of Happyness.

      Awesome movie – Trust me you would love it!

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