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Who needs that extra bucks?

Changing times and needs have always been the driving force for our species to grow … and grow into a hungry monster; who wants to put just about anything and everything into his pocket and chew it to his last breath. I want to talk about you and me and many of us who have been working hours into the night just to gain some extra edge.

I know so many people, of course not of this category – the workaholics, who not only do their work well but do pull out time for their own selves and their family and overall are great success identities for others. I still remember the shock of my life when I came to know my Architect was not only a great software ninja but a yoga specialist, a trekkers and was efficient in his work like as if he did some magic.

Let’s step back five years and rethink, is it what, that we wanted when we spent sleepless nights at the workplace trying to figure out plan for the next one month’s work. We never gave credence to the fact that there was someone waiting for us at home with the plans how to surprise you with your favorite food when you knock the door.  I do agree that, there are lots of sacrifices we do have to do, during the long journey to the top but at the same time we often tend to miss those “moments” that make the life beautiful and motivating. We have been running after money – yes, most of us may not be able to deny this, and some may still try to give me @#$% by throwing some philosophical lines. But let’s face that – 90% of the people are only working for money – I don’t have the problem with that, that’s good and is the need of the times however, the line should demarcate the thirst for more and your need. Let the remaining time be your family’s.

West has things which I adore and one of them is their never-ending thrive for enjoying life of its bits and pieces. Again, I agree that the percentage of prosperity in west is much more than what is here in Asian countries however, I do not have enough ammunition to kill the fact that why do they only work for say 40 hours a week and we spending more than 50-52 with little efficiency. This bothers me and am sure must have bothered you as well – I know we can do it better and bridge this gap of getting ourselves projected not just as hard worker but also smart worker.

Do you think, kicking out – a gossip at the coffee corner, checking out your favorite’s scraps and chatting on face book might just help you gain an hour extra for your deeds and help you perform better – both at work and at your personal commitments? If yes, let’s do it for a week and see if that really helps.

I have seen that happiness in the eyes of my daughter when I drop in early from office but then just want to make sure I do justice to both – my Job and my Family.

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