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In search of answers…

I recently read the line below and couldn’t stop myself from jotting down my feelings about it here on my slate.

Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past.” – Robert T

I love reading, though honestly, less often I get a chance to do it, but yes, I constantly try to surprise myself with a pick on several tear hours of selected Sundays. Most of the time, I am code wired, and so this blog is the only place where I live outside my shell and breathe the real stuff. I’m no spiritual freak or philanthropist to talk about how what is karmas and how they affect your life/reincarnate life. I just like to put up things they way I feel and the way I perceive them.

Today, I would like to share something which probably is the bulky if not toughest question, a programmer asks to himself – “How long am I going to do what I am doing for these several years, write code?”  A friend of mine recently answered this question and is out of binaries. He decided to be an Entrepreneur. His choice of being a coder was not will, nor by force, but a journey to find answer to his own list of questions. So, am I next – definitely not, I am yet to find my answers. In fact, I somehow feel, I and yet not prepared for it or may be just am shying away to ask those questions for now.

Anyway, I too have a private list like many of you for sure. And I seriously think it’s very important to find answers to them. Most of the time it’s the lucky 50th birthday of yours, which pulls you back to these list and then you sit on the roof top wondering how and why of you being you. Damn it! I personally do not want to do that for two reasons, one, I want to know my answers before the release date so that I can improve my tomorrow and second, I still don’t know if I will be having my own roof top at 50.

The good thing about all that jazz is the answers are all close by, either these answers are refrained by our self in lieu of being impractical to our present, or sometime, they are expected to be heard from someone else because we are quite afraid of listening to our heart. For me, mind never participates in answering these questions, because he is busy handling other request like, when to do what and measuring where he lost to the deeds planed.

Sometime I feel like the weekends are a good piece of load balancers between you being the 9:00AM guy at office and 9:00AM horse ride for your kid. I try to make good use of my weekends as much as possible and don’t waste them sleeping under the pillow. Rather, I like taking a bit of personal time away from everyone, yes even my kid, to pour in some thoughts and threads which would connect me to a place of calmness and peace so that you are able to hear what your heart has to say. I generally feel, it’s a bit too noisy on weekdays and is hard to find such place, but yes, if you will you can, I just say, you should and at least once.

I don’t want to scare the hell out of those who aspire to become great coders, and professionals. My intend here is just to say hello to yourself and listen what yourself has to say. Take a pause, think about what you want to do in your life, what is the right path and what is the means.  Sometime we do tend to make mistake and so have someone you can bank on, someone who is there by your side always. That person may be your peer, your parents your spouse or your soul. It is very important to trust and have faith.

Ask yourself, does your present action take you to your intended destination, if not, put your foot down today and convince yourself because no matter how far you go, at the end you would not be able to judge which turn you missed on the road. And if you are serious about not missing a single turn, keep looking at the GPS system inside you, much…. more…. frequently.

Because I live a life much more closer to a life of a technologist or probably you can say “A Coder” to be more precise, my thoughts are a bit abstract and sometime too encapsulated, I still love what I am – a wired human being.

If you have reached these lines then you are surely not a con man, but a thinker like many of us who like to share their abstract ideas and thoughts. And if you are one of those, you would here my words louder than they appear here – Am I right? Good, Bad or Ugly, I would like to hear from you and what you think about finding answers at the right time. Your comments, may sharpen or blunt my view but what is more important for me is to know how you guys feel about this.


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