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Re-living one’s own past

If you ever get a chance to get a day back from your past … what would that be? Just take a pause and think about it.

For me, it turned out to be just a handful of days from my past of which I think were the best days of my life and which I would like to ask for. This is probably because I believe the better ones are yet to come and am always looking forward to it.

It was bright and sunny Saturday afternoon when walking down the road to my place I saw a kid, must be around 10 to 12 years of age, riding, shaking and bouncing his bicycle like anything. He was all Bollywood and was wearing the famous “Dil Chahata Hai” hair cut. With his school tie flying over his heavy schoolbag on his shoulder and paddling heavily with hardly white untied shoes, was trying to pull his front wheel for ever stone on his way. Before I could have got closer to tell him that he might hurt himself like that, he had already paddled his motor-less bike at a speed, which not even my voice could have reached.

I stopped walking and watched him going a long way until he was off the bend on the road. Trust me I haven’t ride a bicycle since high school or so but I still remember it was awesome to ride my “Ranger”. I started walking, though my eyes were still searching for this kid at the end of the road just to check out his next move.

Though I was not as perfect as this super kid was, but I still could flaunt my tyre skid mark on the school’s basket ball court and then comparing them against the others for the longest one. Another frame that I can hung on the wall right now is just ramping into the door of an ambassador car though got lucky enough not to find the owner nearby.

Most of the folks I have interacted with, find the teenage the most fun-filled and energized time from past. Is that true? Well at least goes true for me. Though few other great hours I spent on the tea stall near my engineering hostel but that’s a different story to tell.

I still don’t know what is missing from then, of which we are so deprived of, that we have failed to cherish “today”. Is it the work-life balance Or extra responsibilities on our weak shoulders Or is it the homo-sapien’s adept argument to praise what he cannot claim or explain. Even I don’t know the answer to this question though what I know well is you can always live your own past. You just need to believe you are free of all bindings and that you are just yourself, back on those peddles, racing back to your own world where every vehicle passing by is just a speedometer for your cycle, and every stone on the road is an opportunity to show your skills.

Before I could have got this opportunity to get lost in the memories and those wonderful paragraphs from my past someone from place nearby struck me – “Hey, looking for someone?” Damn it! That’s me again back out of my sweet memories and into the arena of reality – holding the grocery bag in one hand and a dozen of eggs in other.  “No, nothing in particular, was just watching that super kid.”, said I and was back on my way to my place.

I never saw that kid again. I really hope he is alright. At time, down that road, I do search for him or rather I should say I search for myself and that gate which took me back in memories and though in memories, enabled me to  live one day from my past.

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