…Little Johnny still wants to play

I was shivering even with fan speeding at 2 last night. We normally keep it low, as it starts getting cold towards morning. I was still too lazy to realize the fact, that it was only 12 pm, though I happened to look at the clock clapping its hands together – I ignored it as usual and picked a nice warm blanket from the closet.  I was about to hit the bed with half closed eyes, but could hear the rain drops on the terrace.

The rainy season is yet to bless us with the amazing greens that cover up the hills in and around the surrounding area. I just pushed the window curtain aside and peeked outside; the rain drops were busy washing an already soaked tree in the light of street lamp. Wow, the morning is going to be great – I then dragged a blanket up till my head, slipped the pillow under my head while other in my arms and with folded legs to enhance bodily heat, was back into the night gardens.

I woke up early the next morning today; I always pick up my morning tea and news paper as a first thing but this Saturday I couldn’t hold myself back. I just rushed to the terrace to grab a show from last night highlights – It had rained all night last night.

The air was damp and fragrant, birds chirping, raindrops pudding in my terrace plants and dripping from the fencing, the sky was clearing and the fading grey clouds were skipping across it. That’s one of my favorite kinds.

I was looking at the soaked tree just outside my terrace and it was looking spectacular. The trees had gained that bright green color on its leaves which only got washed lately.  Pleasant soil odor – which normally you experience in your wet gardens, washed cleaned road and the last few drops clinging to the tree branches were just the beginning of what my senses could gather out of a first glimpsed outside.

A voice broke that silence, “We’re getting a lot of that weather from northern disturbances.” – After a while, I just said “Yes”. But honestly speaking, I did not even want to reply to that. I was just busy, had been waiting for a year to experience all this.

Well, a minute later I picked my cup of tea, slipped the newspaper under my hand, got back to the terrace and just sat on the floor. I was gazing at the street lamp-post which was still lighting up to my surprise when I felt a ball came rolling near my foot. A second later, my sweet little daughter grabbed me from the back, with her feathery arms over my shoulder. “Hey, Good morning Shubhu” – said I.

She is still young enough to talk properly, but everyday she tries to speak in her own grown language which I anyway manage can understand.

She sat on the floor next to me and started pointing fingers on the advertisements. I gave her, the Pune Times with lots of pictures of Page 3 star and furniture festival promos– they are of no use to me except for keeping Shubhu busy for next 5 minutes.

By the time I finished my tea and had grasped the nature through the fences, Shubhu was already done reading and doing the newspaper into multiple pieces – But that’s okay, I got some time to remember the old days when, paper boats were the technology of the future and catching cough in rainy season was the only way to tell your teacher you cannot attend her class.

I was playing with my daughter when I received a text about how to start a day – my Sis is very fond of those quote-ful messages, which she tries to forward to every person on this planet. But this time, it was a “just in time” kind. It was about inspiring yourself from nature and was the first time, I wrote back a “big thanks”.

I went down later in my society to notice a few puddles which grew from last showers. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that kid within you, don’t need much more than a puddle to keep you happy.

In the afternoon it was raining again not heavily but still good enough for me to switch off the idiot box and stand by the terrace door. It was pouring just a foot away, with one step ahead looking at the sky, you experience the taste of pre-monsoon showers, right over your forehead. Another step gets you pretty wet shoulders, arms and chubby toes. You try another one and you are soaked and happy as much one can be.

Sometime I feel rainy seasons are the one when you enjoy only when nothing is organized or planned, just as it should be… free to explore, get wet, have fun or simply just “drive” it out.

The Sun isn’t shining a lot, and so we are going out in the evening for a long drive. I will let you know, if I found it difficult to look through the moving wipers of my car or did I had to adjust my car AC to fight back humidity because of the early showers. Whatever it may be, for now the only song on my lips is …

… Rain Rain Come Again…. Little Johny …still wants to play.






2 responses to “…Little Johnny still wants to play”

  1. Pankaj Shah says :

    Very Good. Cheers.

  2. Ashish says :

    I think drive it out would be a better option then getting wet.

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