Passion to dream and take ownership of what you do.

It’s hard to say, when was the last time, I slept like a baby. There is this constant blare which pulls me off the bed and lands me spending a few ticks with my blog. I just have started writing nothing but what comes to my mind as a first thing and that today is, Ownership. It’s the same bell that was ringing in my ears while I was trying to sleep.

Well, how is dream and ownership connected? Pretty explanatory though – I will try to explain how I understand it from a software geek perspective. It means the more areas or modules you own, the more it costs you in terms of your time, efforts, day to day planned things and of course, your dear nights and of course, your dreams.

So am I saying it’s a mistake to take more ownership? Hmm… let’s dig the well deeper before we conclude if the water is really dirty.

I would start from the day I was born, I grew up and started going to school. I owned a couple of complicated books showing “Things at Home”, “Vegetables”, “Alphabets and Numbers” so on an so forth… learning all that “irrelevant things” ate up into my time to play and I felt school was nothing but place to go as an extended punishment from last mistake.

I somehow managed to learn adjusting my time and then … somebody said “Board Exams!!” , what!!.

 It was until the last exam of 10th standard I realized the reason for not only me but my parents too spending sleepless nights to make sure I had all the bullets in my gun. It took me a while to understand if the responsibility of passing the exams were mine, or of somebody else.  Who needs to take the ownership of this one?

Passing my 12th standard was easier than I thought, not because my gun was loaded again but because I had understood the meaning of ownership. I realized things become easier when you take ownership of the task you do. It’s basics – you would definitely wash and keep your dinner plate cleaner than the one, who cleans your plate in a hotel, and always remember who gets served in the plate – it’s you.

So, you start taking ownerships, you learn a lot of things which would be part of your life somewhere or the other. You enter a mode where “life is beautiful but messed up between wires and programming languages” – Engineering.  And you soon become the next Einstein popping up ideas, innovation and concepts to combat the next phase of life – “The Job”.

You take the same passion within from your college days, and try to apply it in your job. It does works the same way, you learn new things from your ownership areas, talk about all the new technologies and strategies one can apply there, come up with hundreds of ideas and at times “night out” is a common thing for you, but this passion fades away slowly and slowly – why? Who is responsible for this? Is it comparison,   lost overseas opportunities, Salary or is it that you are now saving your neurons for you own private bridges to new horizons?

 I don’t know how but few have been lucky so far to hold themselves from surrendering to these causes and still feel ownership would bring in more experiences to further help them mature day by day. I think no matter the company works for you or you work for the company, if you stop owning your work – you would soon disown your dreams. And I am sure, you would like to dream just as I want, especially when your fingers are tired pushing your thoughts into blog and keys into this laptop.

Take ownership of things to make your world beautiful, bring in your passion, dream and live by them. 


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