The Offer Letter

No matter how transparent your Company HR tells you they are, there are always things that do not make up to the transparency threshold. This is obvious to quite an extent, and at times makes sense. I don’t deny the strategic filters that are applied before the list is read out loud. However, is it just their fault?

In my opinion, this is not just one way, and the story goes true with many of the employees as well. Employees talks a lot about how good they feel with their present organization during 1:1 with their managers but pursue for very little within even if they have a chance to do so. They often try to find options outside, which is not wrong but in my humble opinion are not very justified as well, if et al it’s “All About Money”. Not true? Take a pause here and ask your self – what was the first thing you looked out for once the Offer Letter was in your hand? Salary Figures… right?? This would soon become stale with few months of ever increasing inflation and you would soon be back to square one – I feel, I am the least paid employee in this company. So is it worth giving a lot of value to monetary aspects Or you would like to read more.

Today I would like to talk about employees who secretly look out. If you feel the pinch of salt in present, then may be… just may be, your decisions have not paid out which you took while accepting the offer letter. I feel it is the “most important” and “least thought about” aspect, of joining a firm which the candidate takes. We all, including the owner of the company, wants to move forward in life, and have to make decisions which definitely cannot be in favor of every single soul on this earth.

Did you read your Offer Letter properly before signing off? Most, if not all of the time, our decisions are baized by the salary figures on that pretty little paper which we call the offer letter, and at that point of time nothing can make you more obligated to join than anything else on this planet. At that point of time, even if company does not has great HR policies, shared bonus pay outs or flexibility of Work From Home scheme or flexible hours, your mind sets for – “This is the one I was looking for”. However, after a year, it’s like “Never heard of a Company that pays such nuts”. Now how this transformation did come in?

Often this is a story with the candidates who believe, only switching the company each year, will take them where they want. Trust me, this is not expected out of a professional. At some point of your career you would be asked “How can we hire you at a responsible position, when you have shown traits of a pure hopper?” Companies now a day, if at all, would hire these candidates, will only be for projects that are strategic or short lived – And strategies change overnight, which would mean these candidates either be sitting on bench or would be asked to leave.

So what should one do? Evaluate positions within the organization and see if you find it good enough where you can grow as well as contribute. I am sure, if you would put yourself in the shoes of owner of the company and read a few lines above again, you would probably realize it’s in favor of both. But yes, it is also the responsibility of the employer to ask what you need and create opportunities within the organization for the professional fraternity.

In fact, you could be entrepreneur one fine day as well, own a company and you would certainly realize the importance being together and helping each other does make a lot of sense. When one associates oneself with the company there is more to this association than mere salary figures.
It is very obvious I can’t put everyone in the same category and hence not every story has a Happy Ending. But then, should you wait and repent your decisions Or would like to read your Offer Letter again to decide – “Is this what you want?” So read your Offer Letter properly and decide do you really want to contribute or is it just a hop for cherries that would soon get bitter.

Do let me know if this makes sense to you as well, or you think I was wearing the wrong thinking cap..


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