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New Year Resolution

While looking for a head phone, I happened to take a few books and notes out off my shelf of forgotten commitments, and realized how my priorities have changed over past few years. There was a time when I used to be filled with so much enthusiasm and desperation to become an entrepreneur, that I had started reading just anything and everything under the sun for ideas and innovation. As an engineer, after office hours, it was time for me to go home and search for what has changed in IT industry in the last 10 hours. But this has changed – is this because we are more governed by the way your work place wants you to grow Or it is more to do with the social responsibilities which end up over a late but quick silent dinner.

Talking to a friend lately, mentioned that he was kind of being forced to grow in a manner in which his manager wanted him to grow, so that his goals could assist the goals up the food chain. I don’t mind that as long as you feel confident about yourself and that you feel you have free u-turn opportunities along the road. Half of the IT professionals only get up to date, when there is an interview scheduled. And no doubt, there are multiple rounds to crack a position at an MNC talking about your caliber in that area, surprisingly, which 99% of the time will never be talked about once you get in. Only thing then remains is, you are the best man we’ve got, so fix this goddamn P2 defect.

I feel ones frequently asked questions (FAQ) at the end of a day should be, so what did I learn today? What was the addition to my knowledge database?

The irony is – we all are used to it, we have accepted it, just like my friend and me. Even if we think about taking this as a resolution for New Year, it is quite likely to be postponed until 2014 after a few corporate red bulls.

I will take some time to prepare my resolutions this time… BTW, my daughter is awake now; time for me to close this blog and get ready for the Sunday Ride, and also because I don’t want another key to get off my keyboard. Hope I will be able to close the discussion next time. But till then, go find your head phones too.

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