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The sounds and sights of nature

Sunset in Goa

Sunset in Goa

Though we did tried to fit in as many things as I could in a small travelling bag, 2 hours of decision making still seem less if you plan for GOA. You don’t agree – read on…

We left Pune at around 2:30PM and headed for the much sought but almost unplanned trip to Goa.  Reached Panjim at around 1:10 AM. We had somehow managed to arrange a place even in the week of 25th December. Kudos to a great friend of mine, without whom the trip would have never been possible, at least during this time of the year.

22nd Dec 1:30AM – My wife and my daughter were dead tired after his long road journey and decided to hit the bed, which was pretty obvious. However, for me and my friend this was an opportunity to grab some beers and head to “Dona Paula” were we just walked down the empty, wrapped up and closed stalls – to the end of a small pathway over the sea.

We chose the last broken lamp post as the perfect place for the raising the toast and stood there silently with a can in our hand looking over the sea for almost 5 minutes. Wow, I’d never thought this would be possible.  Not just because I’d never been to Goa, but I finally got to see the immense power of sea in reality. The noise of rippling water was almost 20 feet below but it felt like they were already touching my feet, as if welcoming you for being in Goa. It was both scary and mesmerizing – It felt good to be alive. At a distance, we could see a few small boats being shaken by the bulky waves of pacific water and the cool breeze giving you ooze bumps with every gulp of chilled beer passing down our throat.

It was pitch dark apart from the pedestal were a dim light fell from a distant lamp post, we were just talking to the shadows of ours. The noise of occasional pacific wave traffic was all that I was able to hear. And then, I gathered all my courage to look down over the fence into the sea and could see a lot many rocks completely ripped off by the water, as if they were trying their level best to fight back this monster with all their strength, it was clearly visible although they had failed to shield away themselves from the mighty waves. I was starring at one of the small stone which was playing between his parents for every wave hitting the rocks, suddenly a strong wave splashed on to the pedestal with droplets all over my face reminding me of I was not alone. I only then realized my friend was already towards the end of the conversation line which I had completely missed by now.

It was just great to be there, even the aura of the sunset had vanished from the western horizon, we slowly walked towards another great spot in that area but only when the mosquitoes started coming in great number were we brought back to reality. Oh damn – I should have brought the mosquito repellent cream as well. But anyway, we still had 2 more days to spend in Goa.

We enjoyed our stay – beer like water, kadhai chiken as a staple diet and walking down the shoreline with the feel of breeze combing your hair and water washing your feet. I don’t want to miss telling you about a fish feast and maggi on Anjana Beach and some great mango pastry my daughter had on Bagha Beach.


I would just say, if you really want to enjoy Goa, plan well and visit during the year end. It an amazing place to be and feel the nature – Truly a God’s gift!

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