So who’s defect is it anyway?

Cartoon-Hole-in-the-boat1“It does not matters why the defect was raised by the customer, what matters is why the heck is it residing on my plate”, now this attitude is something really worrisome for the beholders of the product.

The demarcation of responsibility is important and is a valid gesture to be taken for an individual. However, there should be some ethical and moral grounds above, that should make your head turn towards that defect and take ownership of that flaw introduced by you or your fellow developers.

So many times I hear of the ball game and tussle between the developers and quality assurance folks. It has become a trend and is again something to think about. I know, it is very difficult for any of us to understand and accept it. But today, I would like to have you think like an entrepreneur running your own $ 1 million company and having this attitude prevailing inside your work force. Take a pause… think about it.

Its not the hole in the boat that sank it, it was an attitude.

Love it or hate it!


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