A promise for tomorrow


I was looking at a small boy riding bicycle just outside my office building, I leaned over and got my head struck to the window next to my office cube. It was at that very moment, I happen to realize, that I too had promised my little girl out for a ride in the evening. A few minutes after the sun decided to shine on another continent, I was all set to leave the premises, but had a long pendings list of things pinned on to my task wall staring at me. As if going to eat me half, if I don’t complete attend them today. Rather worse.

I decided to shortlist 2 of those, which could be completed in half an hour, and got my royal ass back on the chair. By the time I completed that stuff, it was already dark and was quite sure that I would never be able to make it to home for my promise I made to little angel.

I leaned back on the chair, watched the list again and very softly said – “Sorry buddy, its happening again!”. I could literally hear someone laughing at me – I guess it was me as a father.

It was Monday, and realized we also have another late night planning meeting. Had no other choice, than to get back on the rest of the task, and finish as much as I could – Anyway, had to stay back for another 2 – 3 damn hours.

After the meeting I rushed back home as fast as I could, but forgot another thing in this hurry – her chocolate request from morning.

I was on the door and had realized that I had done the blunder again; I was expecting the questions even before she could have open the door. I knew she would ask about the chocolates and would have no answers, I was very afraid. She opened the door, but to my surprise she didn’t asked for anything! Instead, she took out my empty tiffin from my bag and queried if I finished it or not. I went to my bedroom to change and overheard my daughter asking her mom as to why am I working so late in the office. My wife was making every effort to answer her, but was failing each time. 

Responsibilities have become priorities in my life, although, the vice-versa is something everyone aspires for.

Hope I live up to my promise tomorrow.

Does this happens to you as well? If yes, please share your experience…


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