Workaholic – feel good about it…


Work addiction or being workaholic is in general used to describe someone, in a not so pleasent context. However, seems like, it perhaps a reputation undeserved. If one is stimulated to work an extremities by some external force, as even a financial reward, then it is more akin to being a slave. But, if one is driven to work extremes by the desire to make something truly great and innovative, his motivation becomes his soul achievement.

I think money can only lead people so to an extent. However, the pursuit of happiness, as in achievement, is a far more powerful force that can drive people beyond their known limits – rather own limits.  

So from tomorrow if anyone calls you a workaholic, identify what is motivating you? Factors which are External or Internal. There is no one else who can take this decision or guide you through this road-map of eternal consciousness, but yourself. 

Actually if you ask me it does not matters to me, for me work is both worship and workmanship. The better you do your job, the more you start worshiping it – and so, much more motivation to do something better tomorrow.

Around 10 years back, I used to work for a small start up. Back then, Ashish ( a close friend of mine) was a real crazy – for whom being at work until 11:30PM, was pretty normal. According to him, he use to have fun working late in the night. Working late gave him a little extra time to give finishing touch to his work and at the same time also to enjoyed working when there was less noise around. This creature of the nights was not after money – his soul purpose was to do something extra ordinary.

So, though not exactly, but akin to workaholic, I would say, people who study a lot during their college are also not very different. Not all book worms are only after good marks, there are students who just like studying (for me studying is different than reading and cramming paragraphs or theorems from mathematics/mechanics) and they do it because they find subjects interesting.

So the next time, feel good about being workaholic…


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