I can… but I won’t

Though it’s the only hope to reach office on time and have a consistent work schedule, rooster alarm is one thing I hate the most in the mornings. To be honest, its either rooster or some “sweet voice” to get my butt off the couch.

Disclaimer: I’ts often safe to say “sweet” than to get late to office, or get no breakfast, or no lunch box… anyway, hope you understand.


Well, lets move on… so finally at 9:00am, I started wiping the “sleep” off my eyes and by the time I was comfortable opening my eyes, my little angel had almost penetrated her pointed fingers in my stomach. “Ouch! What was that for, kid? Papa, you have become so fat. Mumma say’s you have become lazy after putting up so much of weight and so will only be getting the green tea from today instead of regular tea”.

“Yeah … Oh well, its true, but uhhmm…, but why do i have to hear it from you this holy Sunday”. I could smell something fishy. Because attack is the best defense – like any regular scrum update – “I replied to the mother of my angel – I am working on it!, though have missed the a few deadline but am sure I will start workout, one fine day; actually i did not have the right gears, will purchase them today… blah blah blah”. But she did not spoke a word this time. Looks like right time to start….

Okay, let me be honest with myself, “I will start working out, one damn day, and that will be the end of machineries, the end of dumbles… the end of Gyms!” But shit-man, at least not today – its Sunday damn it! It is supposed to be the relaxing day.

I love the post-workout feeling, but as is true with most things, starting seems to be the hardest part of it. I sometime find it lame to pull up, or do crunches, to do push ups and what not. Pardon me if I misspell-ed any word from the Arnold’s dictionary :). They seems like punishing yourself and counting.

But I don’t mind a bit of morning walk.  It healthy and gives you better results. Plus, some additional time to be with yourself, away from those fork fingers and a “sweet voice” .  Every time I ask myself – “What am I afraid of?” when it comes to exercise, I seem to never come up with a good answer. It’s an activity where pretty much every single outcome is positive. Exercise is definitely not a gamble. Bet it all. However starting it on Sunday? Bad idea!

So pending to start for long and after a constant renunciation of being fat, I somehow, started the “Code” without the “Detail Design” under a lot of pressure. So while I was walking down the whole bunch of lazy guys (please let me call them lazy today) enjoying the morning tea at there balconies, I had already started to feel the sprain building on my ankles. “Ignore it- it happens”. Next, I thought instead of walking why not try some jumps and a short quick run to build up some more confidence. So did it!

The result? – Okay, you don’t even have to try – let me tell you, you got the answer right!

Today evening, I am just sitting with only a few of my bones and muscles in working condition, rest all taking some extra dosage of pain killer, but still mocking and praising the advantages of working out. As my brain and a few fingers are some of the survivors of the day’s Halloween, so utilizing them in writing this piece of epic. I know the rooster will shout again tomorrow, and I will be asked to go through this road less traveled, but believe me… I feel much more confident now – not about workout, but about missing the scrum tomorrow morning at office for sure.

You should definitely try start your exercising schedule, “Why should I have all the fun with broken legs and swollen arms” ;)

I hope I will continue to workout or make it a point to play games daily. Or seems like will get rusted pretty soon.


A Quick Sand

Quicksand_22It looks good from a distance, it provides you a feeling of comfort, it keeps you relaxed for a duration. It tickles you, giggles you and then swallows you completely. Its Quick Sand – Lets understand it, get over it  and always be prepared.

How long its been for you to cherish your work while you try to get yourself into the bed at night? At least I have spent many sleepless nights and a fearful days whenever I think of what I lost today – not working on something exciting or something that added another gem to my profile.

Playing safe and taking no challenges may soon drag your feet into a quicksand of rotten skills and professional emotions towards day to day job. And, that is what keeps me on my toe, do something new, experience something new, as exciting as your first job. And feel good about it.

Its not something new, in fact, this is the story of every second person in a multinational organization primarily the so called “L5 companies” – Start ups do well on this front.

We tend to become so lazy and counter agile that we forget who we are. We forget, what did we thought of while joining the org? We forget, what is there that’s keeping you glued to the profession? And of course, we forget our own words, which we used to answer the HR – “So, why do you want to join the company?”

What do you think can we do to save ourselves from this quicksand of 9-6pm time window? I call it the human maintenance window. Because, this is the time window in which you need to fix your self not only as an individual but also as a professional.

But how do I patch myself with the latest? I think, the answers are within our own self. But before that, we got to ask ourselves a few more questions – Take a pause and think about the question before you head to the next one.

Does the new Job has something exciting for me? If your answer is no, then how can I react to it, so that I may infuse an innovativeness which can boost up my interest. If yes, then am I really working on it?

If the technologies are old but the domain is interesting, can I still spend time on technology by maintaining the balance between the techs and specs of the domain? Trust me, very few are doing this and climbing up the ladders really fast.

Are you too bothered about your manager than your peers? You need to brighten up your soul buddy! Its always good to have nice peers than a great manager. Remember there is a difference between a Mentor and a Manager. Hardly people find Mentors in Managers or vice-versa. If you have one – you are the lucky dog!

What does growth means to you? Money Or Position. I may not be able to talk too much on this one, as its too debatable and no one is wrong on his part. However, I just know one thing – there is always “a limit to everything!”, beyond which, what may keep you happy is the work you do and your passion to love what you do.

If you’ve answered these questions open heartedly, then you are good to get out of the sinking state. But if, you have just read through and not read between the lines, then may be you need more sticks and support from outside. So don’t let it loose – you can still follow your heart and wait for someone to pull you out of the sinking sand pit.

A very old saying “Opportunity strikes when you are least prepared”, is the one damn haunting line for me and so I am always trying to fight it.

The bigger question for you is – Am I?

Innovation starts at the top

In my opinion, the secret recipe for innovation is not the team sitting inside the R and D cabins and cubes, but the leaders. Innovative people think different and act upon it in a different manner to generate creative ideas for new product lines, various services, creative processes and of course the businesses. The behavior of leaders matters – tremendously.

But surprisingly, these model leaders are very few. If you ever get a chance to talk to dozens of senior executives of large organizations, you’ve find that in most cases, they did not feel personally responsible for coming up with innovations. They only felt responsible to “facilitate the innovation process” and make sure someone in the company was doing it. I think, the stock market that pays the premium for the innovative thinking and creative ideas has the senior leaders as the face of the organization. So if they at all think, act and behave innovatively; the company is sure to grow.

So does that means, we as an individual contributors do not have anything to do with innovation? We definitely have. We are those power energy that the company is relying on, to implement the big visions and dreams and we still have to do our bit of contribution in the innovation race – more of “The Rat Race” these days.
Remember, there is an innovative thinking about innovation – Don’t be a someone who is constantly modifying the existing innovations by someone else and just shouting – we would make these work better for the user. Rather, think out of the box and create things which do not exists. Create the need, by introducing it!
Companies surely need to unleash the creative capacity of its employees through innovation processes, practices and more importantly behavior. Innovation is not a “Maggi which can be forced upon to be developed in 2 minutes”. It’s a culture that needs to be built from top to down.
That’s why I feel – Innovation is something that needs to be embarked upon by the behavior of senior leaders who would become the role model and at the same time lay the foundation of a creative culture within the organization.

So who’s defect is it anyway?

Cartoon-Hole-in-the-boat1“It does not matters why the defect was raised by the customer, what matters is why the heck is it residing on my plate”, now this attitude is something really worrisome for the beholders of the product.

The demarcation of responsibility is important and is a valid gesture to be taken for an individual. However, there should be some ethical and moral grounds above, that should make your head turn towards that defect and take ownership of that flaw introduced by you or your fellow developers.

So many times I hear of the ball game and tussle between the developers and quality assurance folks. It has become a trend and is again something to think about. I know, it is very difficult for any of us to understand and accept it. But today, I would like to have you think like an entrepreneur running your own $ 1 million company and having this attitude prevailing inside your work force. Take a pause… think about it.

Its not the hole in the boat that sank it, it was an attitude.

Love it or hate it!

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